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Communication is more or less an essential need for every human being. It does not matter what channel or mode is used so long as the message gets home. While some words are not easy to communicate, how do you think the corporate world communicates to its stakeholders; be it employees or customers?

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While communication is the soul of any business, the commonly used mode of communication is business writing. What does this involve?  The use of emails, memos, reports and letters is shared so long as the message is all about business and its related transactions.

While it is used in the corporate world on a daily basis, the user ought to be very careful because any loophole in it can turn out to be an expensive affair to the organization. Insufficient writing skills can cost business billions of dollars in a wink of an eye.

Factors to consider when doing a form of business writing

Whenever you plan to do any communication to a customer, what should be the first thing that comes to your mind? The following is a summary of what should linger in your mind whenever you pick a pen and paper to do any business communication:
•    Business writing requires the writer to define its purpose. In other words, where and to whom is your communication directed? Once the direction is in place, the tone, style and structure will come along almost automatically.
•    Mind your audience. You ought to understand your audience pretty well. Who are you communicating to? There is a difference between talking to a Company and an individual. For the former you must establish the vision and the mission while for the latter you get to know their preferences.
•    Your grammar and language in any form of business writing should be a core element of concern. This could be words, sentences, quotes, and phrases. Use less jargon, short sentences and correct comparison of words.
•    How do you do your formatting?  In case the communication demands the use of tables, maps, diagrams, bullets or headings how do you place them? You must learn how to navigate around their usage. If you have to emphasize on particular points, use italics selectively.

Is business writing worth it? Does it have any shortcomings?

It is important for any business to communicate persuasively to its outside world and deliver just the intended message. So what are the advantages of written form of communication?
•    Business writing would act as a permanent record for a later day reference and evidence if anything went wrong.
•    It is possible to edit and revise the message however often and as the need arises hence whatever gets to the receiver is the primary signal.
•    It is best for Complex businesses that have bulky communication.
•    It enhances the businesses image and brings forth customer satisfaction.

That said, does business writing have any drawbacks? Yes, it does. It is not obvious that the sender will receive automatic feedback regardless of how urgent it is required. On the hand, the message being sent needs careful drafting, editing and re-editing depending on its intended recipient.

With proper concentration and focus, business writing should be a walk in the park.