Argumentative Essays: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


Arguments are a requirement.

Arguments are inevitable, to the point that they are actually required in many situations. Relationships, career, you name it, and arguments have a space in it. A relationship is said to be healthy if there are arguments involved, but this does not mean necessarily mean quarrels or fights that can put the relationship in a dangerous situation. It is but healthy to at least argue a little once in a while because people involved in relationships may not stand the boredom from getting into unchallenging situations all their lives.

The same is true with career, where the term “healthy competition” was first formed. It was because of arguments that took place which qualified competition. An argument is not bad, although after more than a couple of them, they can have a negative ring to anyone who hears them because arguments are often associated with conflicts. On the other side, the good thing about arguments is that they can be written to inform others. They can persuade and shape the opinions of other people. In writing arguments, standards are followed for the article to be constructive and organized. Bashings and trash-talking put to print are not argumentative essays. How exactly should an argumentative essay look? Here are the three ways to writing an argumentative essay:

The assertion should come first, discussing the significance of the study on a certain issue and stating the timelines used. Both are equally important in emphasizing a main argument. In the beginning, the main argument should be pointed out.

Just like any other research paper, a review of the related literature should be present. The importance of these reviews is putting support to the arguments. This is the chance to prove the credibility of the claims and the opportunity to show how strong the arguments are through the resources used.

This leads us to the author’s personal style. Since the writer has already presented the issue and their stance, including the related literature used, this is the time when the writer tells the reader why the chosen stand and the arguments are better than all the other counter arguments possibly used for rebuttal.

Argument is a requirement, especially in class.