How to write an effective essay


Essay is the most common academic instrument used to evaluate a student’s performance. An essay has a variety of purposes and is written on almost every topic and at every academic level of studies. However the basic structure of an essay remains the same.

A typical essay consists of the following:
–          An introduction
–          Main body
–          Conclusion

To write an effective essay you need to research the topic on which you wish to write. Once comprehensive research is conducted you need to analyze your research and see where and how your results can be implemented. Once your analysis has been completed you need to brainstorm ideas on how you will structure your essay, at this stage you need to make sure where your analysis and research will be used effectively, you need to plan and use your creative skills to make your essay stand out from others.

Once all research and analysis have been completed you need to begin writing the introduction to your essay. The introduction should grab the attention of the reader and should not be too long. It has to be precise and to the point. After the introduction you begin writing the main body, typically consisting of 3 paragraphs. However you need to make sure that each paragraph explains a single idea and is an extension of the topic of your essay. Once the main body is completed you write a conclusion which should sum up the gist of the topic for your essay as well as logically conclude an argument.  When writing the conclusion you can add your own logical reasoning and what you have derived from the topic and your research.

Essay writing involves a series of steps and follows a certain structure. It is one of the most commonly used techniques for evaluation of a student. If you are struggling with essay writing and as a result are getting bad grades at university you are recommended to use the services of Apart from a variety of advantages we offer 100% money-back guarantee and have expert writers who can write on all styles and difficulty levels.