Writing center


A writing center is an instructional resource that provides free-of-charge writing assistance to faculty and staff. Writing centers exist in various shapes, sizes and settings. Ideally, they are part of a writing program or learning center and serve the entire institution, whether secondary or college levels. Even though writing centers may differ in size, available services, staffing and institutional procedures, they share the same key goal of helping a writer learn.

Instructors and consultants may vary from peers to professionals, to graduate students, part time or full time instructors. They each meet individual and attend to their particular needs and concerns. Writers may seek help on their own volition while others may appear on basis of recommendation by teachers and in other cases as a requirement of their course work or academic program.

Instructors do not evaluate students or neither do they teach what has already been taught or what is known to the writer. Alternatively, they work with writers in ways that facilitate the process of writing. This they accomplish by engaging writers in discussions of the topic at hand so that writers can develop the ideas and practice the phrasing and vocabulary of writing. They try to discuss the doctrine and process of writing, modeling metaphoric and syntactical moves for the students to apply and assisting the student in identifying samples of grammatical errors in their writing. Instructors may also give feedback and suggest writing approaches, identify writing problems, ask questions, review misinterpreted or missing information, listen to writers, and possibly help them gain a perspective on their writing.

Because learning the art of writing involves practice, risk taking and revising, writing centers are places where students are encouraged to experiment. Aside from the evaluative classroom setting, writers are free to participate in sample dash of ideas and style, to err and correct and to receive appreciation for their efforts. Writing centers generally do not limit themselves to working with writers at a particular level of writing prowess. Advancing students often have special programs available for them in writing centers, but majority of writers using most writing centers are enrolled in various writing courses. Additionally, students who want to learn English as second language, use writing centers to improve their writing, listening and speaking skills.

Generally, a writing center emphasizes a general accepted approach to writing, by learning how to plan, brainstorm, revise and organize text into writing. Writing should however be able to help learners categorically develop their writing skills and techniques regardless of the development. It should strive to provide readily available and easily accessible resources to aid learners and instructors in the process of learning. If you are a student or writer who can access an established writing center whether physical or online strive to be a part of it. On the hand if you are an instructor or teacher create a writing center to further assist in providing writing services to both you and your students.