Writing center


A writing center is an instructional resource that provides free-of-charge writing assistance to faculty and staff. Writing centers exist in various shapes, sizes and settings. Ideally, they are part of a writing program or learning center and serve the entire institution, whether secondary or college levels. Even though writing centers may differ in size,

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Academic writing and editing online


Communication is more or less an essential need for every human being. It does not matter what channel or mode is used so long as the message gets home. While some words are not easy to communicate, how do you think the corporate world communicates to its stakeholders; be it employees or customers?

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How to write an effective essay


Essay is the most common academic instrument used to evaluate a student’s performance. An essay has a variety of purposes and is written on almost every topic and at every academic level of studies. However the basic structure of an essay remains the same.

A typical essay consists of the following:

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How to write an effective admission essay


According to the informational source provided by https://www.essaywanted.com, admission essays can vary in length depending on the university or college the student is planning to gain admission into, however the standard length of an admission essay is 500 words. Bearing in mind the immense importance of an admission essay in the process of entrance to a university or college,

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Argumentative Essays: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword


Arguments are a requirement.

Arguments are inevitable, to the point that they are actually required in many situations. Relationships, career, you name it, and arguments have a space in it. A relationship is said to be healthy if there are arguments involved, but this does not mean necessarily mean quarrels or fights that can put the relationship in a dangerous situation.

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